About Us

About us


Company founded in 2010. The experience of our staff members is more than 20 years in the listed disciplines below.


  • Heraldry /Coat of arms; Emblems; Logos/
  • Vexillology /Flags; Flagsticks; Vimpels/
  • Faleristics /Orders; Medals; Badges/
  • Uniformology /Uniforms; Fittings; Attributes/
  • Bonistic /Plastic cards; Secured documentation/
  • Numismatic /Medalions; Collection coins/
  • Brand Book
  • Gift accessories
  • Souvenirs

LTD Lambrekeni offers to customer to make as well design as production. We are serving you and settling the highest quality products in Georgia.

Our clients are – private sector companies, government and non-government organizations.


Why with us? – LTD Lambrekeni is oriented on long term relationship to its’ customers. Our main unique advantage is several years business relationship with world wide leading mints.


Design & Production


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